SWIFT HIGH ROLLER Tortoise/Blue Mirror

Our newest collection Highest quality plastic available made from a combination of wood pulp and cotton fibers.
Polarized Lenses dramatically reduce glare to give you the best possible clarity.New icon branding featured on the High Roller collection. The icon is crafted from durable metal materials to seamlessly fit inside the arms of the glasses.
Maximum strength metal spring hinges that allow the arms to bend an additional 30 degrees. This relieves pressure above your ears for the best possible comfort.Reflected light generally travels in a horizontal direction causing large amounts of glare. Our lenses block out horizontal light to give you the best possible clarity when you're looking straight ahead.

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Unisex Hoodie Size Chart

Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Chest 39" 41.5" 45" 47" 49"
Length 26" 27" 28.5" 30" 31"

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